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Solar power system

Reduce your electricity bills by lease financing – produce your own energy wisely!

The surge in energy prices caused by the energy crisis has made the energy costs of many businesses unpredictable.

With our financing product, you can respond quickly and easily to this big challenge. We finance your solar system your company needs and your monthly lease charges can be more affordable than the cost of electricity bill.

Our financing products are flexible and customizable to your specific needs, to minimise the burden on your business at an already busy time.

Contact our expert colleagues who will help you develop a financing solution that best supports your business.

The benefits of leasing when financing solar PV systems:

Reserve your credit limit

Leasing does not require additional asset collateral. We offer you a flexible choice of individual leasing offers, while your credit line does not have to be used to finance a permanent asset, but can be used for your original loan purposes in the future.

Do not mortgage your property

Unlike a bank loan, a financial lease does not require the property to be pledged as collateral. If you do not finance your solar investment from your own resources, banks will ask you for additional collateral. We do not require any real estate collateral for the financing, only the solar system will be part of our collateral, the ownership of which will automatically pass to you at the end of the term.

Do not tie up your resources

Thanks to leasing, you don't have to tie up your liquid funds with solar investment, giving you more flexibility in the current economic climate to overcome other challenges or make other necessary investments.

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