Dear Customer,

Please be advised that from 13th March , 2020 in view of the abnormal COVID-19 (coronavirus) danger, PEAC FINANCE is operating in a reduced mode for an indefinite period of time in order to maintain the health of its employees but to ensure the continuity of the business, therefore

• personal consultation is suspended, please make your statements in writing by email, and send your mail by post;
• please contact our staff by phone between 09:00 and 17:00;
• be patient with the time requirements of your administration, given that we have an on-call system in our office and that most of our employees work in home office;
•follow the instructions of our staff regarding the preparation and course of contracts and original documents.

If you are not able to reach our staff at a number you know, please call our central number or send us an email:

Phone: +36 1 393 55 00
Email: info@peacfinance.hu

This is a special time for all of us and the situation is changing day by day, but the emergency presents our company with similar challenges to yours. Thank you for your understanding.

Change of brand of IKB Leasing to PEAC Finance

As part of the Pan European Asset Company (PEAC), IKB Leasing changed its brand to PEAC Finance with effect from 1 July 2018. In line with this change of brand, we will rework and adapt our website. Our strong customer orientation and international orientation of the company, which will also be continued under new ownership, will remain unchanged.

PEAC is a banking and manufacturer-independent group specialising in sales and machinery financing and related services. Dynamic, efficient and customer-oriented, PEAC offers innovative and intelligent financing solutions in corporate banking and vendor leasing. Within this group, we as a company will help to further expand PEAC's European market presence in order to open up further financing opportunities for our customers and business partners.

Of course, nothing will change for the operational business and our cooperation as a result of the change of name. All agreements made so far remain valid. The contact persons in the company also remain the same and can be reached as usual. For general information do not hesitate to contact us via telephone +36 1 393 5500 or e-mail info@peacfinance.hu.


To achieve market success, you need innovative ideas, outstanding product and reliable, experienced partners who will personally support your growth both within your own country and beyond. We are committed to providing that kind of partnership.

PEAC Finance offers end-to-end financing solutions for machinery and equipment leasing, commercial vehicle and agricultural machinery financing, sales financing, and business and IT services throughout Europe.

Our 500+ employees in nine countries are committed to supporting your success.

PEAC Finance offers…

…individual solutions. Products based on modular contract options ensure that financing is precisesly tailored to your specific needs.

…expert advise. For investments in your own country or abroad. Your dedicated advisor provides support at a local level with an indepth understanding of the relevant circumstances, business models and requirements, resulting in long-standing partnerships based on trust.

…transparency. In our contracts and processes. Our leading IT platform provides the basis for uniform quality standards, security and fast, consistent decisions across the company.

…international support. With a European reach of 8 countries, we provide international advice and assistance for your investments.